Music, in a way that only music can, leads us into vulnerability, nostalgia and emotion without ever asking for our permission. Every day we hear stories of hope and heartache, riding over airwaves--in shopping malls and coffee shops, at concerts and in our cars. It's a jump-in-with-all-your-clothes-on kind of thing, because the truth is: we don’t get to choose if or when or how music shapes us, shakes us.

This project is a resurfacing after years of deep-diving. I have been to the bottom and back, and while I am still a romantic, I have found that there is beauty beyond the feel-good. It is in the breaking. The grief. The heartbreak. And even though it hurts like hell, there is beauty in realizing that friends aren’t always friends forever; relationships dissolve, (occasionally ending in disaster); growing up is hard and there is a lot you can expect to get wrong along the way. But coal can become diamonds, you know? And that is why I wrote these songs.